Stone Surface Maintenance

Granite, Marble, Limestone, Quartz and Composite Stone Worktop Maintenance.

Stone Surface Maintenance
At Stone Surface Ltd we supply the finest quality Granite, Marble, Limestone, Quartz and Composite Stones from across the globe to offer our clients an exclusive range of quality kitchen worktops, bathroom worktops, and commercial countertops for your home or office.  However, it is essential that you maintain and care for your worktops and tiles to sustain their beauty and sparkle.

Below are some tips for you to maintain your Granite and Natural Stone worktops and countertops, which will ensure a long and lasting beauty and shine for many years.

1. Granite and Natural Stone surfaces can last a lifetime but can sometimes be susceptible to staining if they are not cleaned properly.  Granite and Natural Stone surfaces are not difficult to maintain.  With just a little bit of care your work surfaces will retain their lustre and durability over time. Care must be taken to ensure any spills are cleared up immediately such as hot oil, fruit juices, wine, detergents, cigarettes alcohol and acidic or alkaline substances.

2. Do not use strong chemicals or bleach on Granite worktops or on any Natural Stone work surfaces, as they will lose their natural sparkle and shine over time.  You should use neutral cleaners, mild soaps, liquid dish washing detergents, a soft wet cloth or just warm water.

3. Care must also be taken not to drop any heavy objects onto Granite, Marble and other Natural Stone surfaces.  Hit a stone with something blunt and heavy and the chances are, it will crack.  Granite. Marble and other Natural Stones are no different.

4. Regularly dusting off any debris from the worktops and countertops will prevent any scratching of the Granite and Natural Stone surfaces.

5. Polished surfaces of any stone should be kept free of abrasive particles so that they are less likely to scratch or lose their polish.